No Hugo for Me

A full list of the winners is over at, and some of my reactions are over at Whatever, but really — I’m OK with this. I honestly never expected my little short story to do as well as it has. I mean, really, nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula? Being nominated isn’t just an honor, it’s unbelievably cool. So congrats to all my fellow writers who were up this year, nominee and winner alike.

And after all, there’s always next year. When a certain debut fantasy novel will be eligible… ::hums::

5 thoughts on “No Hugo for Me”

  1. I just commented at Whatever but wanted also to say here: damn, I voted for that story! And also that I just bought The 1E5 Kingdoms yesterday, based on (a) reading about Adele in the Hugo Voters’ pack, (b) the fantastic “voice” of your preview chapters, and (c) the command of vocab exhibited in your “Describing Characters of Color” series, which I recently reread. Now embarking on Yeine’s adventure with optimism aplenty. It’s always great to discover a new author, who displays such casual, familiar and equal mastery of multiple – not facets, but whole dimensions – of the storyteller’s art.

  2. Just wanted to say that I felt the book was wonderful; affecting and warm, fun, thoughtful and very well served by your style of writing. The best surprise I’ve had this year alongside Dessa’s A Badly Broken Code album. I hope it isn’t as effortless to write as it is to read – chlorophyll doesn’t suit me.

    The romance got a little too nonplusultra for me in places, but that served its place in the narrative – and the sex scene ended with such tongue-in-cheek bombast I couldn’t help but grin. Generally I liked the main character and her world enough to have misgivings about the plot pushing through to crisis point and emphasis being accorded to those surrounding her… I’m not entirely sure that’s criticism, but I would beg for a little more clemency of pacing next time round, especially as your style precludes loss of focus whilst we get to know the world and characters better.

    I also thought Narcomancer was great – more short stories when you have a moment, please. At any rate, from my position as longtime writer but wannabe storyteller-in-training, I salute you.

    Oh and Nahadoth snuffing the stars to weep their ashes as tears was pretty much a Perfect Moment.

  3. I thought Non-Zero was the best short story(and voted for it) but had heard too Many people plumb for Bridesicle to have much hope it would win:(. A travesty of justice in my book(I didn’t like Bride much at all)

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