Commence Breath Holding in T-Minus 26:00…

So, there’s this little award in the science fiction/fantasy realm called the Nebula. It’s big stuff.

And see, there’s this author named N. K. Jemisin, who’s up for one of these nice awards for a short story that she wrote. And, well, tomorrow night she’ll find out if she won it.


Cross your fingers for me, folks. Gonna be a bit of a basket case for the next day or so.

Granted, either way I’ll be okay. I never expected to be on the Neb ballot this early in my career; if I don’t win, there will be other years. And of the folks competing with me in my category, I know and like nearly all of them. I won’t pretend that I’ll be happier if they win than if I do, but I certainly won’t be unhappy if any of them wins. They’re all great authors, and the stories are fantastic this year.

Anyway, if any of you want to join me on tenterhooks, you can do so in person if you’re in the New York area; or at the event proper if you’re in the area of Cocoa Beach, FL; or anywhere if you feel like livestreaming it.


4 thoughts on “Commence Breath Holding in T-Minus 26:00…”

  1. Good luck; knew you vaguely when I tagged along with Pam for that Boston area’s writers’ meet-up. Useless note: that Starbucks is now closed.

  2. I wish you luck! And I know exactly what you mean about it being early in your career. Thankfully, you have a wicked cool novel out to show people that you’re not a one trick pony :)

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