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Shameless self-promotion, times three

Hey, SFWA members! You, yes, you, have in your hands a unique opportunity! See, I have a short story, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, that’s doing pretty well in the Nebula preliminary-ballot voting. At this point there’s a very strong chance that my story will get onto the final ballot(!!). Now, I won’t lie; I’ve been entertaining fantasies […]

Now it can be howled…

Been holding off on mentioning this because I wasn’t sure how “official” it was, but we’re talking business stuff now so I guess it’s a done deal. My fantasy/erotica/fairy tale deconstructionist short story “Red Riding-Hood’s Child” is going to appear as a reprint in Running With the Pack, a forthcoming anthology of werewolf fiction due […]

A Story for Haiti: “The Effluent Engine”

A day late in posting this; I only heard about it in the wee hours of Monday morning, and wanted to put up the MLK post first. And ordinarily I would prefer to let that post stay topmost for a few days, but time is critical here. So… I heard through Cheryl Morgan’s blog about […]

“The Narcomancer” Live at Podcastle

This week’s Podcastle is my novelette “The Narcomancer”, which was first published a few years ago in the now-defunct Helix (and is currently archived at Transcriptase). It’s read by fellow Altered Fluidian Rajan Khanna, whose voice I always love. Also features an illustration by artist Shaun Lindow. “The Narcomancer” is based on a couple of […]

Everybody’s Doin’ It: NebDo!

(Ugh. OK, yeah, that was bad. I blame the lack of coffee.) In the category of “All my friends are shilling their Nebula-eligible shorts so I’ll do it too!” for a thousand, Alex: I had two short stories and two reprints published during the eligible period. The reprints aren’t eligible, and of the two, there’s […]

Happy Birthday to Me! (Arr.)

Avast! Just found an email in the spam bin from Podcastle, letting me know they’re accepting my novelette “The Narcomancer”, which originally ran in Helix and is currently archived at Transcriptase. Got the email six days ago, but only found it today. Kind of nice, actually — good news for my birthday. And, apropos of […]

Cheap Smut!

I just love writing subject lines like that one. Just realized that Circlet Press’ ebook anthology Like Twin Stars: Bisexual Erotic Stories is available for sale. You can find it here, near the bottom of the page. It’s super-cheap, considering it’s an ebook and there’s only three stories in it (20,000 words total) — just […]

Clarkesworld Story & Interview Live!

Yee! My fantasy-Brooklyn short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” is now live at Clarkesworld. For those who attended the reading at Bluestockings Books last month, this is the story I read there. Also, there’s an interview up with me and several other “emerging writers” — many of whom I know, hi guys! — in which I get […]

Supporting the Outer Alliance; Pride Day 9/1/09

The Outer Alliance is a new org started (I think) by author Hal Duncan, in partial response to author John C. Wright’s inane and bigoted diatribe against “homosex”, and partly just because it’s necessary. They’ve asked that, as of September 1, people show their support by posting their mission statement and logo, and then linking […]


(OK, New Orleanians, cool points to anyone who gets the subject line. And yeah, I had seriously questionable music tastes when I was a college freshman. Shuddup.) I just sold a story!! “Non-Zero Probabilities”, the story I read at the Diaspora of the Fantastic event a couple of weeks ago, has sold to Clarkesworld!! No […]