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Honorable Mention in Year’s Best SF!

By way of fellow Fluidian Mercurio Rivera, good news: my short story “Playing Nice With God’s Bowling Ball” (Baen’s Universe, 2008) received an Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best Science Fiction! I write a lot more SF than I ever manage to sell — which tells me that maybe I don’t write it very well. -_- I’m hoping to partially remedy that by attending Launch Pad in a few weeks, and by continuing to plug away at it. But as I joked to Mercurio, I clearly have no objective ability to measure the quality of my own SF stories, …

Honorable Mention in Year’s Best SF! KEEP READING

Shoo!! Shoo!!

I’m plagued by short story ideas lately. Have written two of them, actually — a short one set in Brooklyn called “Non-Zero Probabilities”, in which the laws of probability go haywire; and a novelette currently called “Pirate Jessie”, though I’m not sure I want to keep that name. The latter one, a steampunk espionage historical lesbian romantic adventure, was for an anthology invitation. (No, really.) Have other ideas, though, circling ’round my head like gnats. It’s as if, after six months of doing only novel work, my shorts-producing brain cells have revolted, demanding quick hooks and triple pay for overtime. …

Shoo!! Shoo!! KEEP READING


Riffing on Strings, an anthology of fiction and essays inspired by String Theory, has won a Silver Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY)! My short story, “Too Many Yesterdays, Not Enough Tomorrows,” is in this, along with some other phenomenal contributors (including Michio Kaku!). Yay! Announcing 2009 IPPY Awards National and Regional Results Recognizing Excellence in Independent Publishing – 13th Annual Awards Jenkins Group is proud to announce the results in the 65 National categories and 20 Regional categories of this year’s Independent Publisher Book Awards. 3,380 books were entered in the national contest (an average of 50 contenders per category) …


Props from SFRevu!

2008 has not been a good year for me on the short-fiction front. I haven’t written much, though that’s largely due to being in novel-mode for all but one month of this year (the month between me finishing 100K and hearing about the book deal). I slacked on submissions for a good three months or so after the book deal; my head was just kinda spinny for awhile there. =) The short stories I’ve been sending out haven’t sold yet; I keep getting “almost, but not quite” or “I liked it a lot, but” or “I held this awhile, but …

Props from SFRevu! KEEP READING

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