Of course you know, this means WRITING.

Due to the apartment move, social life, teaching, etc., I’ve missed my initial goal of finishing BrightGod by Thanksgiving. And I recently decided to remove another 10,000 words from the novel that, for various reasons, just weren’t right. Replacing them is proceeding apace, and I’m making good progress — but the overall result of this whole mess is that I’m now about 30,000 words behind where I wanted to be. ARGH.

This is simple enough to fix; I’ve just got to buckle down and resume my original goal of 2000 words/day. If I can do that, I’ll knock out the 30K by mid-December. So here it is: my own private NaNoWriMo.

Always did enjoy a challenge. ::rolls up sleeves:: So, here we go. Wish me luck!

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