Yielding to the inevitable

So now I have a Twitter account. Yee. Ha.

Sorry to sound less than excited about it. I’m that most curious of creatures, a Luddite technophile. I love the web and all its varied gadgets, but I also like keeping my life simple. Having multiple accounts across multiple networking services is messy. It irks my Virgo soul. Not to mention the fact that I often find Twittering itself kind of irritating when other people overuse it; I really don’t want to know the minutia of my friends’ lives. So for those of you who similarly find Twittering irksome, I promise you now:

  1. I will not Twitter about my non-writer-related life events. (Such as they are.)
  2. …Except the cat. She’s writing-related.
  3. I will in fact focus most of my Twittering on writing blow-by-blows, like my paroxysms of glee when I kill off important characters and put the remainder through hell. (What? I’m a writer. Didn’t you know writer = sadist?) I’ll try to limit spoilers, though.
  4. I will not, not, NOT set up a feed to spread my Twittering across the blogosphere, like some kind of Jemisinian Twitterpocalypse. Feel free to set up your own feed if you like, but I won’t impose it on you. (No offense to those who do this, but it’s not for me.)
  5. I’ll try not to be redundant with blog posts. Kind of defeats the purpose, ne?

Anyway, I’m going to play with it for awhile, and see how it goes.

Next up: Facebook and MySpace. But I’m going to have to build up some inner strength before tackling those babies.

ETA: Oh, and I’ve added another plugin to this blog, which you can see if you look at posts individually (rather than full-page view); it lists related sites from Social Action. They’re not ads, they’re community service. Check them out, and help if you can!

4 thoughts on “Yielding to the inevitable”

  1. That’s one thing I’m not sure I’d easily get used to in a career like writing — the need to establish a strong online presence. Myself, I have an LJ that I never update (though I check regularly for posts from friends), a myspace account that’s set to private and that I very seldom check and may just delete…

    On the flipside, though, I do rather like all the neat toys that are available to make browsing/searching for information easier. That ties very much into my interests. I’m really glad you poked us to set up an RSS feed for this blog over in your LJ, for instance, and now I just regret that LJ isn’t more RSS-friendly.

  2. Yeah, it’s hard for me too. I like neat toys, but there’s just so damn many of them out there. I have an LJ and use it to communicate with friends in (mostly) private, but that’s enough for me. I really don’t want to deal with anything else. Having this site too has been a struggle for me, not just because of the need for frequent updates, but also because I’m constantly wrestling with how much of my “real personality” to let loose here, given that my real personality is foul-mouthed, severely lacking in tact, and very silly. =)

    And why is LJ so resistant to RSS? Conspiracy, I tell you.

  3. I have the twitterfox plugin on my Firefox browser. It allows me to read and write tweets right from a small command window in the corner of the screen.

    *cough* Not that I should be encouraging twitter-related distractions.

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