So much to see, so much to see. Like…

Paranormal Romance Week, via my agent Lucienne Diver’s blog, in which she has authors, agents, and sundry folk from that end of the fantasy field wax eloquent about… whatever they want. =) Some interesting articles there, so check it out!

-No, I haven’t seen Twilight. I have to admit I tried the book and found it not to my liking at all — probably because I’m a thirtysomething woman and not a teenysomething girl. I suspect that if I’d been 14 when I attempted it, I’d’ve sopped the whole series up with a biscuit, but nowadays… no. However, I’m actually tempted to go see the movie, because this makes it sound like the movie is actually kind of interesting. But then this makes me want to skip the movie, because it can’t possibly be as funny.

-In a fit of insanity surge of camaraderie for my writing-group mates, I became a slush reader for Sybil’s Garage some while back. It’s been fun, though I’m horribly behind on my slushpile due to moving. But all good things must end sometime, and Sybil’s editor Matt Kressel has put the word out that November 30 is the last day to submit for their current open slush period. Guidelines here, if you’re interested.

-And this thoughtful, in-depth, insightful post on Huffington pretty much describes my feelings about Obama’s election in a nutshell. (Via Making Light.)

Back to work!

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