PAIN!!! Also, possible translation news. But PAIN!!!

I feel like I’m channeling the Horta today. For reasons I’ve never quite understood, I’ve begun developing these absolutely awful headaches in the last couple of years. They seem to come at random, though dry weather, too much sugar/alcohol, red wine, and some hormonal shifts sometimes contribute. And they’re grinding, twisting, chewing things, like there’s some critter inside my skull steadily boring its way out through one spot (just above my right eye). Sometimes there are weird afterimagey things too, like when you look at a bright light, except I haven’t, and sometimes I get queasy. Friends who know tell me these are all the signs of the dreaded M-word: migraine. But I’m 36, for pity’s sake; why would my body wait ’til now to hit me with this? ::grumblemutter:: Well, I guess denial ain’t just a river in Egypt; I’ll have to go talk to a doctor.

But the only reason I’m online right now and not draped across my couch groaning and contemplating trepanning, is because I got an email from L, my intrepid agent, who let me know that a German publisher has made an offer for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and its sequels. Farfegnugen! (Translation: I know absolutely no German, but I’m thrilled.)

Today, Germany. Tomorrow, some other parts of Europe and maybe Russia!

8 thoughts on “PAIN!!! Also, possible translation news. But PAIN!!!”

  1. Woo German translation! (Wait. Will it be in translation?) I’d try the few words of German I know, but they all involve either cheese or expletives.

    Hope the headaches ease, too. Those can be nasty, even if they’re not migraines.

  2. Ouch. Migraine indeed. Talk to your doctor about preventives (though I’ve yet to find one that works) and something to treat the pain with (I will sing the praises of Zomig). As for the “late” age … I didn’t start getting mine until I was 24 or so, so adult onset doesn’t seem all that unusual.

  3. Yay translation! (Wait. Will it be in translation?) I’d offer the paltry German I know, but since it involves either cheese or expletives I doubt it’ll be much help.

  4. Yeah, not all of us are blessed with migraine at birth, but all us women are blessed with hormonal changes in our 30s that rival the ones we suffered as teens, so it wouldn’t surprise me that it whacked you now. Tension can also be behind it; the majority of mine come from two causes–hormones, and tension. The tension-caused ones are easy to fix; the hormonal ones, not so much. Ganbatte ganbatte! and all that.

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