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Mind Meld, Flights of Fantasy

A bit tired today; drove up to Albany yesterday to do a reading at the Flights of Fantasy bookstore. It went well, though there were several amusing moments — my cellphone going off in the middle of the reading was not one of them — like one of the store cats deciding to leap onto […]

Pings and plugs

I’m going on a writers’ retreat later this week — the same annual retreat my writers’ group always goes on around this time of year. I really need it, too; between the stresses and labors of launch parties and self-promotion, I haven’t been able to write in over a week. (Feeling kind of spiritually bloated, […]

Recovery Mode

Last night I had my launch party — don’t get upset if you didn’t get an invite; I restricted the notices to people who lived in NYC, in part because the venue was a bit small. (Also, this has been a hectic time and I get frazzled easily when I’m stressed, so I’m almost certain […]