Recovery Mode

Last night I had my launch party — don’t get upset if you didn’t get an invite; I restricted the notices to people who lived in NYC, in part because the venue was a bit small. (Also, this has been a hectic time and I get frazzled easily when I’m stressed, so I’m almost certain I forgot some people I should have invited; will apologize to you personally as I remember my multiple faux pas.) Anyway, the party went great despite the Blizzard of February (since I doubt it’ll be the last of 2010) howling outside, and I am incredibly touched that so many people came to help me celebrate in that mess. More on this later.

In anticipation of post-party exhaustion, I set up a couple of things in advance to continue the Launch Week promotion momentum. One of those things was my post for John Scalzi’s “Big Idea” feature over on his blog, which went up today. Go check it out — includes a mini-review of a nonfiction book I’ve been enjoying lately, which I will elaborate on here once I’ve had a chance to finish it.

Now, off to drink some nice tea to soothe my mostly-destroyed voice, after four hours of talking…

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