Blog Tour: Amazonia (by way of Tallahassee)

Another interview up today — this one by author Jeff VanderMeer (who is the one located in Tallahassee), and posted on the Amazon book blog Omnivoracious. Jeff’s got some nice things to say about the book before we settle into the interview proper: What most impressed me about the novel is Jemisin’s ability to show the reader real human emotion and depth in her characters without descending into sentimentality. Equally impressive is her ability to convey the particulars of a complex political and social situation in a clear and concise way without being didactic. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is an …

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Blog Tour: Valhalla! And a welcome smuggling job.

A bit of linkspam today. Randolph Carter of Grinding to Valhalla, a gaming blog, somehow heard that I was a gamer and asked me for an interview awhile back. He’s posted it today, and I forgot how much fun I had with it! An excerpt: You wake up to a world where The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has been made into a video game. Which character would you play and why? Oooh, fun. =) Well, I don’t know if this means anything without people having read the book, but I think I would play Sieh. Sieh is the god of childhood …

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Blog Tour: New Jersey! And pre-release housekeeping.

Newsflash! Although the official publication date of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is February 25, I found out yesterday that the release date is actually February 3rd. What this means, I think — remember, this stuff is new to me, too — is that the book will actually be available in many stores in ::ulp:: about two weeks. Which kinda blows my plan of posting a 30-day countdown clock, because I don’t actually know when people will be able to get this thing. On the other hand, screw the countdown clock; my book!! is coming!! What this means is that I’m …

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More on Romantic Times

I’ve now seen the full ratings list (PDF) for the February issue. My book got the only “Gold” rating in the whole issue. ::dies again:: While I’m on the subject of RT, they interviewed me! It will show up in their March issue, paired with the interview of another Brooklyn-based author; RT is giving the borough a little love. A sample from the interview: 3. Why didn’t you set your books in the borough? Because I mostly write secondary-world (i.e., “not Earth”) fantasy and science fiction! And really, I have a nasty habit of destroying the worlds in which I …

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