Blog Tour: Amazonia (by way of Tallahassee)

Another interview up today — this one by author Jeff VanderMeer (who is the one located in Tallahassee), and posted on the Amazon book blog Omnivoracious. Jeff’s got some nice things to say about the book before we settle into the interview proper:

What most impressed me about the novel is Jemisin’s ability to show the reader real human emotion and depth in her characters without descending into sentimentality. Equally impressive is her ability to convey the particulars of a complex political and social situation in a clear and concise way without being didactic. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is an auspicious start to Jemisin’s career.

And I’ve been doing a lot of interviews in the past few weeks, so I’m glad Jeff asked me some particularly interesting questions, like this one: What’s the secret to creating gods who are both larger-than-life and yet feel real?

N.K. Jemisin: Well, putting them through hell seems to do the trick!

Go check it out!

Man, I wish I was in Tallahassee for real right now. It’s not much warmer down there at the moment, but we’re digging out from about 18 inches of snow here in New York…

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