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First thing this morning I opened my inbox to find this, courtesy of my friend K. (Worksafe, but sanity-safe? I’m not so sure.) She sent it to me because I’ve been reminiscing on the game Final Fantasy 7, which really was phenomenally well-made. It had some flaws, of course — Lego-people character design, and speaking of character design, Barrett, anyone? (groan) — but it was more beautiful, more emotionally gripping, and more memorable than many fantasy novels I’ve read. What is it doing right that so many novels get wrong? It can’t be just graphics. (Though I’ll admit Nobuo Uematsu’s …

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Kay Kenyon: The Seeds of Time

I think I’m falling in love. Wow. I’ve been looking for A Braided World, which supposedly further-explores that interesting “dark matter plague” concept Kenyon covered in Maximum Ice, but my library doesn’t have it and I can’t find it in any local bookstores (it’s a bit old), so I’m going to have to try and order it from Amazon. But in the meantime I found The Seeds of Time, which I initially wasn’t interested in. Time travel, yawn. But then I started reading, and realized she was using time travel as a substitute for FTL travel — they can’t travel …

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Is it too late for SF?

So yesterday I went to Crunch Gym to take part in my first Cardio Sculpting class. The instructor was a handsome young man whose name was either Steven or Sven. I suspect Steven since he was black and most black mothers don’t go in for Swedish names, but it sounded like Sven. Sven did cruel and unusual things to that class, and I’m not entirely convinced that he likes humanity. I don’t much like humanity after that class, because I’m in a remarkable amount of pain today. Ow. In line with my newfound distaste for humanity, I had an incredibly …

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Weekly catch-up

Belated writing report! I’m up to 14,000 words on BrightGod, the tentatively-named sequel to 100K. (For the confused, “BrightGod” is Bright God’s Bane, and “100K” is The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Pay attention. I might spring a quiz.) Have also finally resumed regular submissions to short story markets. Got a rejection already from Apex Digest on my “aliens want our women” story, “Commission Report on the Establishment of Extrasolar Trade: Evaluation”. But I am undeterred! I made a special effort to write more science fiction this year past, and by gum I’m going to sell some of it. Eventually. Reviewing! Spent …

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Saaaay. Why AREN’T there brown elves?

Was trying to think of something to write for a blog post, and all I can come up with are reactions to stuff other people have written. Pathetic! What kind of writer am I? Must try harder. Anyway, one reaction is to this article, written by the ever-thought-provoking “coffeeandink”, though quoting another gentleman: Also, fantasy and sci-fi does frequently explore issues of racism, disability, addiction, etcetera, but through analogies, metaphors or substitutes. A story about a half-elf who feels as though she’s not fully accepted by either humans or elves can convey similar feelings as a literary novel about a …

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New story up at BAEN’S UNIVERSE!

My story “Playing Nice With God’s Bowling Ball”, about a very smart little boy who has a very dumb friend, oh and there’s a black hole in it, is up at Baen’s Universe in the August issue! (I’m in the “Introducing” section, for new authors.) Go read it! (Subscription required.)

Transcriptase is GO!

Hi, folks. Apologies for being all hush-hush about this in the past few weeks, but we wanted to keep things on the downlow until we were ready for launch. That time has come. For those who are aware of the great Helix meltdown of lo some two weeks ago — and those who aren’t aware — please now turn your browsers toward Transcriptase, the archive of those authors who no longer wish to be associated with William Sanders or his unprofessional, offensive behavior. A lot of people worked unbelievably hard to get this up and running, and I’m unbelievably proud …

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Testing, 1-2-3

Pay no attention to the woman behind the HTML. K. Tempest Bradford was kind enough to help me get the nkjemisin.com site up and running, but me being the inveterate tinkerer that I am, I’ve decided to try and figure out as much of this stuff as I could. So today we’re testing the Livejournal Crossposting tool, which I think I’ve finally managed to install and configure properly. And wait! This blog post isn’t purely irrelevant! Have begun tracking progress on BrightGod: 4,040 / 100,000(4.0%) Giving it 100,000 words because I’ve never, ever, written a novel shorter than that. So …

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