Happy Monday!

First thing this morning I opened my inbox to find this, courtesy of my friend K. (Worksafe, but sanity-safe? I’m not so sure.) She sent it to me because I’ve been reminiscing on the game Final Fantasy 7, which really was phenomenally well-made. It had some flaws, of course — Lego-people character design, and speaking of character design, Barrett, anyone? (groan) — but it was more beautiful, more emotionally gripping, and more memorable than many fantasy novels I’ve read. What is it doing right that so many novels get wrong? It can’t be just graphics. (Though I’ll admit Nobuo Uematsu’s musical score did add a lot. Amazing stuff. The man’s a genius.) Methinks I’ll have to blog about this later.

Also, got this from K too, for those who don’t regularly read Sinfest. Srs political discourse, pay attention! (Not as worksafe — one bad word.)

Finished the re-revision of 100K over the weekend and sent it off to editor today. I spent most of last week working on it. Yah! Now back to BrightGod. The break helped me figure out a few things re the plot, so I’m raring to go. =) 30,000 words and counting!

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