Cheaper Kingdoms, Better Worlds

Good news, folks: to celebrate the Nebula and Hugo nominations for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Orbit is dropping the ebook price to $2.99! You can find it for that price at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Mother’s Day is coming; if your mom’s the type who might like family drama and mythic intrigue with a weensy bit of sexytimes… hey, I’m just sayin’, not all moms want flowers.

ETA: You can also get Mira Grant’s Feed as part of the Hugo deal!

Also! I got the chance to participate in another SF Signal Mind Meld. This one’s for the Shared Worlds teen writing camp; the question of the day is about who we think of as master worldbuilders. No surprise for anyone who reads this site, because I’ve mentioned my love of C. S. Friedman here many times. But there are some interesting suggestions in the other writers’ comments. So go check it out!

ETA: Fellow Fluidian Eugene C. Myers quipped on Twitter, re the price drop: “That’s only $0.0000299 per kingdom. What a bargain!”

3 thoughts on “Cheaper Kingdoms, Better Worlds”

  1. Yay! *dances* I’ve really wanted to check out your work, and this was the price point that made me think “No time like the present!” Many thanks for the heads up!

  2. Hooray! I immediately downloaded the Kindle version and got reading.

    Technical note: In chapter 7, apparently a lot of folks have highlighted the lines starting with “It is blasphemy…” Popular words!

    Keep on being excellent!

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