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The award nominations keep coming for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms… wow. I’ve been in a perpetual state of “Huhwha?” for the last few weeks.

The new nomination is for the Prix des Imaginales, which I’ll find out about in a few weeks when I go to the Imaginales Festival in France. It’s for Best Translation, which is good because the Francophones I’ve talked to have praised the book’s translation as well as its content, and it’s good to know that’s a consistent view.

And an update on an old award: it’s now possible to vote for the Morningstar, the “new authors” version of the Gemmell. Actually it’s been possible to vote for that for weeks, I just wasn’t sure about the etiquette of promoting it. Awards are a touchy thing in our (the SFF writing) community; some people think it’s gauche to solicit votes, others say “go for what you know”. I lean toward the latter, but since the Gemmell is a UK award there’s a cultural nuance to consider; didn’t want to be the crass American. But then I realized Blake Charlton has been asking for votes.

And that means it’s on. ::cracks knuckles::

Now it’s time to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women. Gotta let slip the dogs of war, etc. Doctorboy’s goin’ DOWN.

(…OK, I need to pause here and note that Blake is a friend, and this is me being silly. I’ve met his fiancee; she’s lovely, and I would never want to hear her lamentations. Actually I think she’d kick my ass if I tried. And I love dogs, and would never use them in a war. Just sayin’.)

So vote for me!

4 thoughts on “Awards Update”

  1. Congratulations!

    (But it’s the Prix Imaginales, not the Prix des Imaginales.)

  2. Congrats for your nominations !!

    … And I am SO going to the Imaginales this year.
    I was just thinking about doing it, but that seals the deal.
    (And there are two more authors at least I’ll enjoy hearing/seeing !)

  3. Hi Rose!

    Whoops, sorry — I’d been using the phrasing that my French editor used. I’m not sure why she included the “des”, but then I know diddlysquat of French, so I went with her wording. -_-

  4. Congrats, and also congrats also for making the Locus shortlist. I LOVE this book. Please write more and more and more!

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