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So, that happened

Not going to spend a lot of time on yesterday’s shenanigans. I’m still in Deadline Hell on the UMSP, still in recovery mode from cross-planet/season-hopping jetlag, and still on vacation when all is said and done; I’ve got better things to do. And anyway, I’m too much of a counselor to forget that the most […]

Oree: Pinup Style

This is amazesome, you guys. I’m not even gonna shrink it down; you’re just gonna have to look at it in its full magnificence. Though I will cut for slightly NSFW artful nudity.

Attack of the Cute, Launches and Lunges

Sorry for the silence lately; been down with the plague, otherwise known as my annual bout of cold which turns into a sinus infection which turns into bronchitis. I’ve got an appointment with the doctor on Friday, and I’ve had it before and know how to take care of myself, so don’t worry. But I’m […]


Stuff! Coming! Soon! The Con or Bust auction, sponsored by the Carl Brandon Society as a partial response to Racefail, and intended to help fans of color attend SFF conventions that they might otherwise forego for fear of a) being unwelcome, and b) being expensively unwelcomed. People are much more likely to take a chance […]


FYI for all: there’s a fundraising auction going on right now to benefit author, artist, and editor Terri Windling, who’s going through a rough time right now. But even if you don’t know or care about her, you should care about this auction, because there’s all kinds of stunning stuff available. Like this custom “personalized” […]

I’m a-doin’ the Write-A-Thon

I’ve never been to a Clarion. Or any six-week workshop. Never worked in the kind of career field that would permit it, and never had a fortuitous conjunction of money and unemployment in between careers. Still, I like the idea of the whole thing — creativity boot camp, total immersion in ideas and discipline with […]

Wanna be a god?

The Con or Bust auction has begun, trying to raise funds to send fans of color to science fiction conventions they would not otherwise attend. To support the auction, I’m offering something a little special: the chance to become a god! …Well, not really. This is actually just a Tuckerization in the forthcoming Dreamblood duology. […]

Monday Fantastic Monday; Carl Brandon Drawing ends!

Today has been a really good day. Can’t talk about why yet, alas, until things are official. But whoa, the coolness. Best Monday ever. I can’t wait to tell you. All that aside, though, there’s one good thing I can tell you about, or remind you about since I’ve already mentioned it here and on […]

A Raffle, A Reading, and a Rant

Been a busy few days, as you might imagine, between recovering from jetlag and Launch Week. But three things make a post, so going to pile them all in together here for expediency’s sake. The raffle: The Carl Brandon Society is doing a fundraising raffle for an ebook reader. But wait! This isn’t just any […]

Now THAT’S fan appreciation!

Just got directed toward this gorgeous piece of jewelry inspired by The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, made by “Queen of the Cat People”. Its title is “The Death of Enefa”. And say, that’s a familiar well-read book underneath (click to big up)… Want to see closer-up? Oooh, is that a white knife? And drops of blood? […]