Stuff I wrote (and read) in 2014

Since people keep asking, here’s the very short list of stuff I published in 2014. I’ll have you know I’m postponing a perfectly good snow day nap to write this up!! “Walking Awake”, Lightspeed, June 2014, 6009 words. “Stone Hunger”, Clarkesworld Issue 94, July 2014, 7888 words. “The Awakened Kingdom”, Orbit Books, December 2014, 41,000 words. I did have one more thing published in 2014, but please note that this was a reprint, originally published back in 2012 in the anthology After. No novels — yes, I know some websites kept insisting that The Fifth Season was out in 2014, …

Stuff I wrote (and read) in 2014 KEEP READING

A bit of unvarnished enthusiasm.

Apologies, folks. I usually try to avoid profanity here, since all ages and social groups might be looking on, but for accuracy’s sake I want to give an actual quote of my reaction to the following information, when fellow AFer Raj forwarded it to me: HOLY SHIT I GOT IO9’ed!! Marvelous review here.

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