Stuff I wrote (and read) in 2014

Since people keep asking, here’s the very short list of stuff I published in 2014. I’ll have you know I’m postponing a perfectly good snow day nap to write this up!!

I did have one more thing published in 2014, but please note that this was a reprint, originally published back in 2012 in the anthology After. No novels — yes, I know some websites kept insisting that The Fifth Season was out in 2014, but as you know, readers, that was just an error. (We have a pub date! TFS will be out on August 4th of this year.)

And in recommendations-from-me news, while I didn’t keep up well with my short fiction reading this year, you can take a lookback at my two NYT roundups for a sense of which novels I’m probably going to be voting for myself:

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

3 thoughts on “Stuff I wrote (and read) in 2014”

  1. Argh! The Awakened Kingdom is juuuust not eligible for the Hugo novella award. It’s up against very stiff competition in the novels category!

  2. Nikki, it might be eligible. I honestly have no idea what the wordcount of the final version is; I took that wordcount from the copyedit and it included all the comments, etc. No clue how to determine the published final count (the ebook includes all the publication notes, samples, etc.). But there are far more deserving works up for publication this year; I’m not gonna put that much effort into finding out. TAK wasn’t even written as a standalone story. If you want to vote for something of mine, I think the short story or novelette are better examples of my work!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I just read Stone Hunger for the first time. I reread Walking Awake; I forgot how much I enjoyed it, and I’ll probably nominate it for the Hugos.

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