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Shiny! Well, Shiny’s kid. ART STYLIN’

I think I have a seekrit authar fetish — I love love LOVE seeing readers create art derived from my work. Now, obligatory armchair legalese here — “derived from” by the terms of fair use and substantial alteration of the original work, etc., etc., and if I felt I needed a fanworks policy it would be like this, with the added caveat that I never, ever, want to hear filk of my work, ever, ever. (Ever. I mean it, ya’ll. Open your mouth to sing me your Paean to the Nightlord, and somebody gets hurt.) Anyway. Jewelry! I like shiny …

Shiny! Well, Shiny’s kid. ART STYLIN’ KEEP READING


Y’know, sometimes I just have to stop and contemplate how lucky I am, ya’ll. I mean, there are times when it gets to me: the performance anxiety, the fear of failure, the Bookscan/Amazon/etc. numbers, the deadline pressure, the financial struggle. I’m a “big picture” kinda gal, but I’m also human, and in this business it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. But every so often, something happens that smacks me out of my navel-gazing, and makes me notice the forest, not the trees. That thing is this: Whassat, you say? A little zoom-in: Ahem. BLADDOW! (Because every writer …


A slightly-belated Christmas gift

Apologies for the silence, folks. Like many of you, I’ve had relatives in town this week, and the sheer bombardment of family demands plus holiday demands and work demands and oh yeah writing demands, has pretty much eaten me alive. But I’ll have some enforced free time in the next few days because holy crap, Snowpocalypse 2: Brooklyn Boogaloo, has begun. We’re expecting 10-15 inches in the next day or two. I don’t have to go to work, though, and I’ve got plenty of apple cider and a snuggly cat to keep me warm, so I think it’s time to …

A slightly-belated Christmas gift KEEP READING

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