So, about that Seekrit Project I’ve been working on…

This is actually two! two! two! announcements in one, sort of.

First, Orbit’s putting out an omnibus edition of the Inheritance Trilogy! Cover art is below, and it’s lovely, innit? Feels to me like it ties together my first published works with my upcoming works nicely, since the art’s in a similar vein with that of The Fifth Season. It will be available in print and ebook form.

But second — note that little bit of text at the bottom of the omnibus cover.

Cover shows a photorealistic, ornate stone door, superimposed with text reading THE INHERITANCE TRILOGY. At bottom, INCLUDES A BRAND NEW NOVELLA SET IN THE SAME WORLD, THE AWAKENED KINGDOM

So, yeah. That’s the seekrit. I needed a bit of a palate-cleanser after writing The Fifth Season, and this idea had been tickling me, so I decided to scratch the itch.

Here’s what “The Awakened Kingdom” is about:


As the first new godling born in thousands of years — and the heir presumptive to Sieh the Trickster — Shill’s got big shoes to fill.  She’s well on her way when she defies her parents and sneaks off to the mortal realm, which is no place for an impressionable young god.  In short order she steals a demon’s grandchild, gets herself embroiled in a secret underground magical dance competition, and offends her oldest and most powerful sibling.

But for Eino, the young Darren man whom Shill has befriended, the god-child’s silly games are serious business.  Trapped in an arranged marriage and prohibited from pursuing his dreams, he has had enough.  He will choose his own fate, even if he must betray a friend in the process — and Shill might just have to grow up faster than she thinks.

The long awaited sequel to the Inheritance trilogy — a novella by award winning author N. K. Jemisin where a godling must struggle to grow in the shadow of her parents. 

Now, please note, this is a novella and not a full novel, so it’s perfectly appropriate to keep calling the Inheritance Trilogy a “trilogy”. (No, I will not start calling it the Inheritance cycle. You’ve been down that road, Neo.) A few old faves will appear, but for the most part this is a new story with new characters. Also note that it’s not finished yet, so a) don’t ask me about it, b) I don’t know how long it will ultimately be, and c) a lot of things change between my drafts anyway so see point A again.

At the moment the story is a bit more lighthearted than the main trilogy, which is to say not quite as many people have died horribly yet. (C’mon, ya’ll, you know me by now.) Shill is a true child god — unlike Sieh, who just played at childhood — and frankly I’m loving her; writing her basically means contemplating how a being with an adult-level intellect, Phenomenal Cosmic Power, and no freaking clue about anything blunders through complicated events. But as the marketing text notes, a good chunk of the story will take place in Darr and focus on a young Darren man, in a society in which men have few rights and forced male circumcision is a thing — so still some Serious Stuff therein.

The novella will be available as a standalone ebook, note. And everything will be out December 9th of this year.

17 thoughts on “So, about that Seekrit Project I’ve been working on…”

  1. Nora this is terrific news for you and for those of us who get to read it. I just finished !my first reading of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and am doing an immediate second read through just because it was so awesome and I sped through the first time and I’m afraid I missed something in all of the interesting fun deliciously nuanced story telling. Kudos. Thanks for writing something in which I can unapologetically see myself in the narrative.

  2. Nice, I’ll be getting this one again. I think I’ll reread the trilogy via audiobook in the meantime.

  3. Amazing news! I’m so excited to read it.

    Also note to self, what a great time to go back and reread the Inheritance Trilogy.

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  6. I am so excited. Can’t wait to buy the full volume– it looks really beautiful, and as much as I love having the ebooks, it’s nice to have a special-looking physical copy as well. I’ll probably buy the novella ebook when it comes out though because I need that story like woah.

  7. This is such great news! Especially since I just gave away my copies to a good friend who needed something to fill the Octavia Butler-sized hole in her bookcase.

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  9. Great news!

    I’m wondering, though: will the omnibus ebook version of 100K Kingdoms be improved? Maybe I’m late to the party, but when I recently read it, the ebook was horrible, with inserted spaces within words, many missing spaces between words, etc.

    Anyways, looking forward to the novella!

  10. Awesome news! The cover of the omnibus edition is lovely!

    I’ll be looking forward the ebook for the novella :)

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  12. I am currently rereading Inheritance. This is very exciting news! Definitely looking forward to it.

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