Wah! I’ve been so busy at work I didn’t have time to post this here. But fortunately The Mary Sue is on the case. Here (and there) is the cover for the previously-Untitled Magic Seismology Project:

Book cover featuring a stone embossing flecked with gold inlay. Text reads "THE FIFTH SEASON. Every age must come to an end. N. K. Jemisin"

I haven’t talked much about this book because busy. But I absolutely love this cover. The Fifth Season is set in a world which has suffered frequent, repeated Extinction Level Events for millions of years, and all life (and magic) in this world has adapted to it. Hundreds of years might pass between these events — easy, plentiful years in which great cities rise, and people have the leisure for art and science and rapid advancement — but then, again and again, the cities fall. The world is littered with the detritus of these times of plenty, and this cover hints at them: past ages of decadence, now decaying; stone that endures beneath flaking gilt. Lauren Panepinto (Orbit’s Art Director) has nailed it again.


13 thoughts on “Cover for THE FIFTH SEASON”

  1. Oh, *hell* yeah. That is a gorgeous cover.

    I would throw my money at the computer screen, but I know it won’t help me get this book any faster. Can’t wait for its release!

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  5. Lol, you have the best covers. I’ve purchased most of your work, so I will definitely be keeping on eye on this next year :)

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