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Hi, all. Still neck-deep in Deadline Hell, though beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. (And please don’t take my mashup of three metaphors in one sentence as a measure of the quality of my writing right now.) But all novel, all the time does not a sane girl make, so here’s a little of what else I’ve been up to lately:

Let’s All Go to the Science Fiction Disco: Here is how this project was described to me initially: Would you like to write an essay about Janelle Monae? To which I replied “[expletive] YEAH WHAT THE [expletive] DO YOU THINK” and some other gibberish along those lines. This is part of the anthology series Adventure Rocketship, exploring the strange region of space where science fiction, pop music, and counterculture meet. Contains essays by me, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, and others, interviews with China Mieville and Michael Moorcock, and short stories by Liz Williams and Lavie Tidhar (along with many others). It’s awesome stuff.

Fantastic Erotica: The Best of Circlet Press 2008 – 2012: Speaking of awesome stuff. This anthology features my short story “The Dancers’ War,” along with a whole lot of other steamy stuff from a whole lot of other writers.

Speculative Fiction 2012: a compilation of essays and blog posts from SFF writers (including Yours Truly) over the past year. I’ve read some of the essays collected in it; good stuff. One of the anthologists (Justin of Staffer’s Book Review) talks more about it here.

OK! Breath taken. Now to dive back into Deadline Hell. See ya!

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  1. Years ago now, some chain of links I can no longer recall led me to Alas, A Blog, where I almost always just lurk. And your cross-posts there, plus a link to one of your stories, led me here, where I almost always lurk. But I am delurking just now to ask you to imagine a dumpy-but-not-doughy-looking 60-year-old pale-skinned white woman with very curly red hair, dirty nails, and sore feet and legs (just came in from gardening) doing the goofiest-looking happy dance you can imagine. Because you have written about Janelle Monae. Which is going to be awesome to read.

  2. Quite honestly, I squeed when I saw you were writing on Janelle Monae. Does Adventure Rocketship have a homepage? Initial Google-fu isn’t yielding much.

    Luck with the deadline!

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