Silence Here = Busy Elsewhere

Apologies, Epiphanistas; I haven’t had much to say here in the past few weeks aside from launch announcements. Sorry! But I haven’t been silent. Here’s a complete list of the interviews, guestblogs, etc., that I have done and/or will be doing shortly.

  • Guestblog at FantasyBookCafe, for their Women in SF&F Month (read the whole series! Some great authors get profiled.)
  • Guestblog at the BookSmugglers on The Unexotic Exotic
  • Interview in the BookSmugglers’ Newsletter
  • (And just for completeness, here’s Ana and Thea’s review of The Killing Moon. It scored a 9! Warning for spoilers, tho’.)
  • At Goodreads, as part of their “Good Minds Suggest” feature, I list my favorite epic fantasies, and just to mix it up (because I get asked that one a lot) I added, “…for people who are sick of epic fantasy”.
  • Did another Big Idea over at Scalzi’s Whatever blog.
  • Did a reading and Q&A last night with Paolo Bacigalupi at Word Bookstore here in Brooklyn. The audio of the event was recorded, and will be posted on the bookstore’s website shortly; I’ll let you know when it’s up.
  • In upcoming events, I’ll be doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit this Thursday; more once I have more details.
  • Also in upcoming events, if you’re in upstate New York, I’ll be doing a reading and signing at the Flights of Fantasy bookstore in Albany on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Silence Here = Busy Elsewhere”

  1. And we will be away this weekend. I’m sorry to miss you (I wonder if SteelyKid remembers going to your first reading there and chasing the cat all night?).

  2. Wow, finals are coming up and I didn’t think I’d have anything to look forward to other than not sleeping. Now there’s this! Being in Albany has its perks :)

  3. Elizabeth Janes

    When I learned while paying for my Oh-boy-I-lost-track-of-dates-I-didn’t-think-it-would-be-out-so-soon! copy of The Killing Moon that you’d be doing a reading in a couple of weeks…well, I’m afraid I gave the authors whose reading I’d gone to hear less than my full attention. Oh, BOY! See you Saturday.

  4. Good stuffs, all of them! :)

    “But since I’m still a sexist — hi — I have to be careful. There’s still something within me that equates “good books” with “written by men”.”

    I especially like this part, because we can apply this attitude towards other kinds of chauvinism as well. For example, here in Hungary it is a tradition, that every writer, who wishes to be published in the field of speculative fiction, shall have an Anglo-Saxon pen name (of course, there are rebels as well, but they are few). For example John R. Crawford instead of Szalma András.

    The reason behind this is the notion here, that non-Anglo-Saxon writers only write boring, dull stuff. So people rather buy books with an Anglo-Saxon name on its cover, even if they perfectly know, that the writer is a Hungarian, than a book with the real name of the same person on the cover (even if they have bought all the books from the writer with the Anglo-Saxon name). This is a notion I also shall fight against, and I do. :)

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