Illustration of Yeine meeting Dekarta for the first time by Dubugomdori

Please, please click for the full spread; depending on your screen size you may only be seeing a portion of it. It’s truly epic.

This beautiful and amazing illustration of chapter 1 of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms — the scene in which Yeine meets Dekarta for the first time, is called “Grandfather”. The artist is DubuGomdori on DeviantArt, who graciously allowed me to post this with permission. Stunning, isn’t it? The artist had this to say:

I’ve always been fascinated in mythology and symbolism. The world you narrated in the book was impressionistic yet left a strong, haunting, and strangely lucid ‘imprint’ inside the mind. Needless to say I was anxious to draw the people, costume, and world out. I had a great time conceptualizing the piece.

It is a lucky author who has such fans.

8 thoughts on “Wow.”

  1. That’s awesome.

    I’m curious how it meshes with your visualization of the the characters?

    That’s a hell of a knife they gave her [cue Crocodile Dundee voice]… I pictured something more like Legolas in the LOTR movies – slim and sharp and lethal. Totally works though.

  2. JGS,

    It meshes in some ways. The setting is much more elaborate; in my mind, Sky was austere, almost modernist in its aesthetics. But the look of the people is spot-on: the expressions on their faces, the mingling of disinterest with malicious amusement, and the relative smallness of the half-Amn Yeine in comparison with her fully-Amn relatives. I think that knife emphasizes her smallness, and the fact that even among the Darre she’s a tiny, unimportant-looking thing. But I bet she can wield the hell out of that knife, even though it’s too big for her. So I think it fits perfectly. :)

  3. Again I agree with you. Although I think you would know your character better than we would. Also I am wondering have you thought of The Hundred Thousand Kingdom as a graphic novel?

    I didn’t say this before but my daughter loves your books. I bought The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, she read them first and has sang your praises ever since.

  4. “But I bet she can wield the hell out of that knife, even though it’s too big for her.”

    Oh yeah… no arguments there :-)

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