More Wow.

You should definitely click to enlarge this one:

color drawing of Yeine in front of Sky, holding a knife

Here’s another one from DubuGomdori, folks! This time she’s tackled Yeine, and it’s just as gorgeous as her last effort. The artist has this to say about the work:

What you see before you is my depiction of Yeine Darr with Sky City in the background. Yeine describes herself as short, flat and brown as the forest. She wears her traditional garment of her people, the Darre, from the north.

Amazing, isn’t it? I love the coloring, the expression on Yeine’s face, the detail. I love the hint-of-Greek, hint-of-Egyptian, hint-of-nothing-of-this-earth architecture on the palace in the background. DubuGomdori has captured the mood and strangeness of the story perfectly.

I’m stunned that every piece of fanart I’ve seen based on these books has been so good, you guys. Thanks to all of you who’ve chosen to share your fanart with me — or at least not freaked out when I pop up in your comments due to Google Alert Syndrome! You don’t have to share it with me, note; I’m of the opinion that fanart is for fans, by fans, and I’m happy to serve as nothing more than the inspiration for it. But if you want to share, I don’t mind. Quite the opposite, really; I’m hugely flattered that people pour so much time and energy and talent into stuff like this. And though I can’t enjoy the fanfic — for legal reasons, as I’ve explained before — I can’t draw squat and have no interest in trying, so fanart is perfectly OK.

Anyway, fanartists thrive on feedback, so if you like this, go tell DubuGomdori what you think of it!

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