Fantasy Matters Focus: On Why the Universe is a Shrimp Poboy

…or a hoagie, actually, but I prefer poboys.

To clarify this cryptic header: Fantasy Matters, a fantasy review/fan site, is doing Inheritance Trilogy Week in honor of The Kingdom of Gods‘ release! They reviewed The Broken Kingdoms yesterday, and today features a guest post from me, on the macro-scale worldbuilding that went into the Inheritance Trilogy. Also, hoagies.

Future features are to include a post by an expert on the theology of the trilogy and of course a review of book 3, and there’s already an interview with Nubia Palacios, the artist who did the Yeine concept drawing I shared here a few months back. So check it out!

1 thought on “Fantasy Matters Focus: On Why the Universe is a Shrimp Poboy”

  1. That article was amazing. I will never eat a sandwich the same. I also spent a good chunk of time looking up biblical and religious cosmology. That was a nice, little brain massage and a awesome kick in the pants to get back to work. Thank you!

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