Here, have a pretty.

Folks who follow me on Twitter already saw this, but otherwise it’s buried in the comments of the previous post. So I decided to bring it out here where everyone could see, since the author was kind enough to share it with me, and since it’s amazing:

Nahadoth as imagined by Casey

Click to biggify, which is well worth it. Original here at Casey’s art Tumblr, where you may comment to the artist directly. I don’t know Casey, and haven’t yet mastered the mysteries of Tumblr so haven’t sent a response to her — but Casey, if you’re watching, my response is WOW. As I said on Twitter earlier, I’m a very lucky author, ’cause ya’ll, I got the best fanartists.

Feel free to send more, folks. Note that I won’t always have the time or wherewithal to devote a post to it, but I’ll try.

3 thoughts on “Here, have a pretty.”

  1. He’s so pretty…and scary. I really don’t see how Yeine was so brave to be near him like that. He does draw the eye though…

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