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I’m surprised that this one sounds so coherent, given that I did it last month while sleep-deprived and in the depths of Double Deadline Hell — but there’s an interview with me over at Fantasy, where I talk a little about The Kingdom of Gods (warning for spoilers!), and a little about black people and women in SFF and how we’re not a new thing. And Paul kindly reminds me that I might end up making history if 100K wins the Nebula this year. But no pressure! Thanks, Paul.

It’s a good interview, so go read!

2 thoughts on “Interview over at Fantasy Magazine”

  1. A really strong interview. But dammit, after that little synopses of TKOTG, the wait has suddenly gone from mildly annoying to “The book is done, Orbit, why do you torture me, so?” Especially the bit about revolution, because it’s about time those Arameri got their due.

  2. Kermit,

    A revolution against the Arameri is definitely a big part of the book! Frankly it’s very much a fat fantasy — three main plot-threads, way more characters than I usually focus on, Stuff! Blowing! Up!!1! and so on. But it’s not Orbit that’s torturing you; if you saw my post on FB, now the copyedit’s on my desk. So hopefully my day job will leave me mentally intact enough to finish the thing on time. :)

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