Ya’ll, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is a Hugo nominee as well as a Nebula nominee this year. And you know what that means.

That’s right. It’s Sparkly Pink Text time.


I have to admit, I half-expected the Nebula. Enough people had the book on their proto-awards lists that I felt I had a fighting chance. But given the Hugos’ noted bias in favor of science fiction (and against fantasy), more notable embrace of well-known names (vs unknown n00bs), and most notablest aversion to girl cooties or any hint thereof, I didn’t think I had a chance there. So when I got the email regarding the nom — 2 weeks ago, had to sit on it all this time, thought I was gonna die — I was indeed surprised and delighted.

And even more delighted now that I can see the full list of nominees. I know so many of these folks! Honestly, I’m thrilled to see Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) on the novel slate with me re Feed, because I loved that one. But also pleased to see fellow Altered Fluidian Saladin Ahmed on the Campbell slate! And Ted Chiang’s up again! And Mary Robinette Kowal! And John Joseph Adams! And Nick Mamatas! And Clarkesworld is on the slate again (hope they win this time)!

Only thing that annoys me is that the best editor slate is missing my editor, Devi Pillai — who I believe is also Mira Grant’s editor, though don’t take my word on that. If so, though, and two of the five Hugo-nom’d authors have the same editor this year, then that editor ought to be on the ballot too, I’m thinking.

But that’s a quibble, and this is a kickass slate, and I’m truly, truly honored to be on it. Hell yeah I am.

19 thoughts on “HUGO NOM (to go with my NEBULA NOM OMGWTFTOFU)”

  1. I’d never even heard of Devi Pillai and I’m sure I’m not alone. The Best Editor categories are even more about how loudly you self-promote than the rest of them.

  2. Rose,

    Well, I wrote her in for the Hugo ballot, as I’ve done every year for the past couple, but you’re right in that this is partly a factor of self-promotion. But Orbit’s new(ish), so the fact that she’s not well-known kind of figures. Frankly, I think Orbit books are going to start showing up on these lists more often going forward — and I’m not saying that out of misguided corporate loyalty, I’m saying that because some of the best stuff I’ve read in years* is coming off Orbit’s presses — so people are going to know her name soon. And those of the other Orbit editors, like DongWon Song and (UK) Anna Gregson. (All these names are on the front page of Orbit’s website, note; I’m not sharing anything that couldn’t be found with a half-second Google.)

    *Also sad that Kate Griffin’s books didn’t make the ballot, speaking of best stuff I’ve read in years. ::sigh::

  3. Re: Editor, I wholeheartedly agree that if an editor edits more than one book they should be nominated. The problem is, though, is that it’s often difficult to figure out who edited the book. Unless the author mentions it in their Acknowledgements section or on their website (which requires extra digging) there’s no way to know. I wish more publishers put it on the copyright page like Tor sometimes does.

    Also, according to Feed’s Acknowledgements page, Feed was edited by DongWon Song.

    Oh, and congrats!

  4. Dave,

    Whoopies; that’ll learn me not to look at my own copy of the book. Thanks. Well, DongWon deserves some consideration too; he’s the US editor for one of my all-time favorite fantasy authors, Kate Griffin.

  5. Congratulations…

    Very well deserved noms…

    My favorite book so far this year even though I’m one of those biased towards scifi.

  6. I’m saying that because some of the best stuff I’ve read in years* is coming off Orbit’s presses — so people are going to know her name soon.

    I wish it worked that way! But it really doesn’t, unless Orbit makes an effort to associate her name with the books she worked on.

  7. James Davis Nicoll

    I wish it worked that way! But it really doesn’t […]

    For example, there was a year where IIRC pnh had edited or acquired 3 of the 5 novels up for a Hugo; he himself received no nomination for Best Editor.

  8. Nora,

    Thank you so much for the kind words! Indeed, DongWon is actually Mira’s editor. We like working behind the scenes and using our nefarious mind control techniques on getting our authors on ballots — when we’re not drinking martinis and having four hour lunches. That’s why I am waaaaayyy to busy to self-promote.

    Seriously though, congratulations! It was a pleasure working on the books!


  9. OMG! CONGRATS, Nora-sama!! This is huge! How awesome would it be if you could sweep all the awards this year, huh?? I mean, I know it’s a huge honor just to be nominated, but 100K was so fantastic and so different from the typical winners (especially of the Hugo, as you pointed out). A double victory sweep for 100K might jar a few more folks entrenched in that “SFF = white, male, straight” mindset, I feel. So hey, your victory would even fight for justice! Do it! WIN! (lol, as though it were up to you or any single person at this point~ I do hope you win though!!)

    Congrats again! :D

  10. Congratulations very much on both nominations — well-deserved. I hope Orbit will do something grand to celebrate you all at WorldCon.

  11. I’ve been too busy at work this week to read my usual blogs (busy at work? what’s up with *that* nonsense?) so I’m just now seeing this. But even though I’m late, I wanted to offer my congratulations. You definitely deserve the noms.

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