Nebula deadline approaching!

There’s a tradition in the SFF community of authors not campaigning for awards. I’m not sure I understand the logic behind this, other than the aesthetic belief that we as artists should be unconcerned with such grotesqueries as public adulation or (where applicable) material gain.

Screw that.

I want a Nebula. It’s shiny. I like shiny things. So if you like my book*, and you’re a SFWA member, please help me get a very nice shiny thing, and nominate me. You only have ’til February 15th!

*The specific book I’m recommending being The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, because although I was misinformed on a few points and am grateful to have been enlightened, I still believe there’s some practical value in concentrating my efforts at the nomination stage.

1 thought on “Nebula deadline approaching!”

  1. As I understand, self-promotion has a long and hallowed history in the Nebulas (sending out a copy of your book to everyone who can vote is, I believe, a proven vote-winner).

    It’s the Hugos where it was traditionally frowned on. The latter tradition is changing.

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