Romantic Times Interview

JPG version of the Romantic Times interview; sorry, cant render it as text This actually came out earlier this month, but I wanted to get permission from the folks at Romantic Times before I posted it, which I have now done. In the March 2010 issue, there’s a fantastic interview with me and another author, Lauren Oliver, about how living in Brooklyn is Teh Kewl. (Romantic Times itself is located in Brooklyn.) The interview won’t be posted online, so if you want to see it farreals you’ll need to go get yourself a copy of Romantic Times. Note that this article references the GOLD rating/review of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms that ran in the February issue of RT.

It’s a fantastic interview, and I had a lot of fun with it! I love it when interviewers ask me interesting and unusual questions.

The .jpg is necessarily large (800K or so) so as to be readable; you are forewarned. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version!

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