Thoughts while watching the BSG premiere

Liveblogging! (Actually, just repeatedly editing this post and adding stuff as it hits me. But it’s kinda like liveblogging.)

Whoops. Cutting for spoilers, for those who haven’t seen it —

I don’t believe physical structures, even concrete, would’ve survived for 2000 years this intact. Books like The World Without Us suggest buildings would’ve eroded away within a few hundred years.

The ecosystem should’ve recovered too, if it’s only low-level radiation. The area around Chernobyl is thriving.

“The Thirteenth Tribe was Cylon.” HOLY CRAP!!!

WHY THE HELL IS DEE NOT TELLING HIM TO PISS OFF? He cheated on her! She deserves better than sloppy seconds.

So Kara is the fifth Cylon?? I hope not; that’s a letdown.

I love that Leoben is so weirded out by this that it overcomes even his obsession with Kara.


…Why do the commercials for “Push” make it look a lot like “Jumper”? But it doesn’t sound quite the same.

/me is annoyed. Dee was already a wasted character, and this was a stupid, pointless way for her to go out.

…I don’t think I ever realized Edward James Olmos had such bad teeth before.

Did they say they’re auctioning full-size vipers?? ::wants::

“Warehouse 13” looks… as stupid as the usual Sci-Fi Channel fare.

::annoyance:: Why aren’t we seeing anything about the Cylons here?

::more annoyance:: So Dee’s death was a plot device to keep Kara from telling Lee she’s a Replicant pod person copy?

So, all these people who took home stuff from Earth… are they radiation-poisoning themselves?

“Ellen, you’re the fifth — ” Element? Column? Top?

The Sci Fi Channel is trying so hard to show me other things that might keep me watching after they cancel the only reason I bother watching the Sci Fi Channel. They’re doin’ it wrong. ::turns to Animal Planet to watch “Planet Earth”::

…So, overall, I’m pleased, but mildly annoyed that Dee’s death was so pointless. Rather, it had a point — giving Kara an excuse to keep her Big Secret — but no point in itself. I never liked her character, I’ll admit, but I had hope for her to get better. Guess that’s right out.

Well, they hooked me, and I’m along for the ride ’til the end.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts while watching the BSG premiere”

  1. Yeah that was quite a ride for a first episode. They did not explain much that we hardcore fan have not guessed. I lost a few bragging right bets on Helen. And the whole planet being Cylon well that one is going to need some explaining.

  2. I was entertained, but there are some basic inconsistencies (those first couple you mentioned, specifically) that made me go, ‘Wah?”

    And Dee! DEE. That was so wrong.

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