So you’ve found my blog. Good for you! Hopefully you intended to find the blog of N. K. Jemisin, author. I have a number of short stories out, and my first novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, is due out in February of 2010. It’s the first of a trilogy; just finished Book 2, and am well into Book 3.

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If, uh, you were looking for some other blog and blundered here by mistake, I dunno what to tell ya.

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  1. Hey – just found your blog through your comments on the Dark Fantasy Blog for a Beer from August 8th and I wanted to say that I really admired/was angered by the amount of heavy lifting, argumentatively, that you had to do. How damn hard is it to get people to realize that a) the racism is there, and b) the best way to do something about it is to…say…actually do something about it?

    That said, your courage, cool, and intelligence made me keep reading even as some of the other commenters pissed me off beyond belief.

  2. I need to contact you regarding the Ideomancer archives. Could you please email me at the above address (which I hope you actually see.) If not, it’s my first name AT ideomancer.com.


  3. Pete Markowsky


    Just your blog via a friend (Chris Lambert), glad to see you’re writing these days, I remember you talking about it and it always seemed like your true passion. Sounds like it’s going well. Congrats on the novel. :).


  4. Pete!! Great to hear from you! How’ve you been? Wow, I miss NEU.

    And yeah, the writing thing has always been my true love, though I was lucky enough to be one of those writers who actually enjoyed her day job, too. I’m just taking a hiatus from it for now — unless the book becomes a bestseller or something, in which case… I might still go back to it. I like working with students, especially the bright, focused ones like you and Chris. =)

  5. Awesome meeting you at LaunchPad. We talked about your book, but you never mentioned the title. Saw it here first: “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” is a kick-ass title, makes me want to pick up the book immediately. Looking forward to its release.

  6. Hi Nora! It was great getting to meet you today, even if we were doing a bit of kvetching about various things.

    Am definitely subscribing to your blog!

  7. I just heard about your book and can’t wait ’til it hits the shelves. Congtatulations!! I’m a budding writer and will get there one of these days. Until then I’ll celebrate with you.

  8. Nors K.,
    It’s great that you’ve realized your childhood dream of writing. All of those visits to the library has fine tuned your craft. We’re so prowd of you. We can not wait for the release of your material. Blessings on your success. S J Bell

  9. Hey, Stephanie! Good to see you, cousin! Wow, I didn’t think anybody in our family even knew what a blog was. ^_-

  10. Nora,

    Your hard work made a life-changing experience in Romania possible. It is thrilling to no end to find you on the internet through an Amazon author profile :)

    Thank you and Congratulations!

  11. Ed!! (Ted now?) Great to hear from you! And yeah, that’s hilarious how you found me. I suppose I’ve pretty much made a career change by now, though I still keep my hand in it with the counseling. I miss working with students like you. =)

    How’s life these days?

  12. I finished the advance reader’s copy of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms last night and loved it. It reminded me in many ways of Tamora Pierce’s work (I assume you’ve read her work. If not, I most highly recommend grabbing Trickster’s Choice). The only bad thing about advance copies is the even longer wait for a sequel, and I eagerly anticipate book 2 of the Inheritance Trilogy. I work at an independent bookstore in upstate NY and will certainly recommend The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms to teens and adults.

    So, thank you and best of luck with the release!

  13. Very belated, sorry — welcome, Marika! No, I haven’t read Tamora Pierce’s work; I don’t read a lot of YA (I think she’s YA?), but I’ve been trying to read more because my next book after the Inheritance Trilogy will probably be YA. I’ll check her out. =) Thanks for the rec!

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