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Stuff I discover and report with fascination as a new author journeying through the industry.

Copyediting and Agents and Gardens, oh my!

Been awhile since I posted here, so now I’ve got “diarrhea of the mouth”, as my grandmother used to say. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately: Received the copyedited version of Book 1 last week and have been steadily working my way through it, checking to make sure all my i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. I’ve never seen something professionally copyedited before, so it’s fascinating to see how someone who really knows their English has interpreted my sometimes loosey-goosey language. I’ve learned two things from this: a) that I overuse commas and hyphenated compounds like no tomorrow, and […]

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Semi-con report: NYCC 2009

Finally recovering from NYCC and Son of Niece of the Cousin’s Sister’s Dog of the Plague, part 27. The worst of it hit on Friday, where I nevertheless gamely stumbled through the con hall while drugged and semicoherent. Hopefully I didn’t infect several thousand people with my cooties. Saturday I felt better in the morning, but ran down over the course of the day, though I still had fun Sat night when I had impromptu Thai with friends. Sunday I paid for it, when I woke up feeling like crap — at 11, despite going to bed at a reasonable

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Props from SFRevu!

2008 has not been a good year for me on the short-fiction front. I haven’t written much, though that’s largely due to being in novel-mode for all but one month of this year (the month between me finishing 100K and hearing about the book deal). I slacked on submissions for a good three months or so after the book deal; my head was just kinda spinny for awhile there. =) The short stories I’ve been sending out haven’t sold yet; I keep getting “almost, but not quite” or “I liked it a lot, but” or “I held this awhile, but

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Is it too late for SF?

So yesterday I went to Crunch Gym to take part in my first Cardio Sculpting class. The instructor was a handsome young man whose name was either Steven or Sven. I suspect Steven since he was black and most black mothers don’t go in for Swedish names, but it sounded like Sven. Sven did cruel and unusual things to that class, and I’m not entirely convinced that he likes humanity. I don’t much like humanity after that class, because I’m in a remarkable amount of pain today. Ow. In line with my newfound distaste for humanity, I had an incredibly

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