The Fifth Season is coming!

And I’ve got some stuff lined up in the next few weeks. I will not be doing a book tour; I’m still in Deadline Hell on book 2 of the Broken Earth trilogy, which is due at the end of August. So this is it for big events… but I’m amenable to the occasional podcast appearance or phone interview. (No guestblogs or text interviews, sorry; those eat up too much writing time.)

Week of July 27th: Goodreads giveaway

Some lucky people will have a chance to win a free signed copy of any of my novels, including The Fifth Season. (Seriously, you guys, I’m drowning in author copies; gotta do something with ’em.) Unfortunately this will be US-only; I can’t afford to mail things to other countries right now. Sorry! Will post those on Twitter when the giveaways begin.

Saturday, August 1st: Growing Your Iceberg: Crafting a Secondary World that Feels Ancient at the Writers’ Digest Annual Conference, New York City

I did an online version of this talk a few months ago, but it’s much more fun in person. You have to join the conference to attend any of the sessions! Mine will be Saturday morning at 9 am.

Tuesday, August 4th: The Magical Seismology Launch Party at WORD Books

This will be open to the public, so if you’re in the Brooklyn area, feel free to drop by. Books will be available for sale and signing!

Thursday, August 6th: Big Idea blog post

As I’ve usually done when launching a new series, I’ll be talking about the ideas behind the Broken Earth over at John Scalzi’s blog.

Saturday, August 8th: Reading at Writers With Drinks, San Francisco

I’ve heard a lot about this reading/artist series, and am honored to be invited! Also, sounds like a whole lot of fun. Westcoasters, see you soon!

Wednesday, August 19th: Reading at KGB Fantastic Fiction, New York

Of course I’m going to show love to my home town, and my favorite reading series. (If you’ve never come, you should; it’s lots of fun!)

Might be more to come. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “The Fifth Season is coming!”

  1. For some reason I thought this was coming out later, in October or something. August! August is so much more amenable. It is almost August. I can tolerate that much waiting, I think.

    (I will note that while reserving TFS, I discovered that the regional library system where I recently moved only has one book of yours, other than the preordered TFS — shock! scandal! HOW CAN THIS BE)

    Good luck with book two! May both it and your well-being be, er, well!

  2. Jesslyn Hendrix

    I can’t wait. This is on my 5 books to squee about in 2015 list. What is it with awesome premises this year? First I get knights on dinosaurs and next week I get The Fifth Season. Thank you ma’am–I have pre-ordered the Kindle and audiobook versions and look forward to many hours of enjoyment.

  3. I thought this was coming out in October, too! Good thing I follow your blog. I’m very stoked about this; the premise has had me excited since you first announced it.

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