Now it can be told!

I’ve been sitting on the news of this for a few months now, waiting for the cover, etc., so I could squee about it in the shiniest way. But in addition to writing “The Awakened Kingdom” as a palate-cleanser after The Fifth Season, I also wrote some shortier shorts. I’d intended them to just be fun stress relievers, a chance to play with style in a familiar milieu, but the result ended up being so good that I thought, “Readers should see this.” So now you can.

cover depicting a blue-tinted metal grate on black, with the title and author name superimposed

From the shadows of the greater stories, away from the bright light of Sky and wending ’round the sagas of the Arameri, come three quieter tales. A newborn god with an old, old soul struggles to find a reason to live. A powerful demon searches for her father, and answers. And in a prequel to the Inheritance Trilogy, a newly-enslaved Nahadoth forges a dark alliance with a mortal, for survival… and revenge.

So: ask me anything about these tales, here in the comments. And note that you can preorder this triptych now at Amazon, B&N, iTunes Books, and other major retailers! It launches July 28th, 2015.

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  1. The newborn god tale sounds a bit like Awakened Kingdom. Is it the same or a different story?

  2. And although it’s not a question I have to say how much I enjoy the cover art Orbit has given you recently.

  3. Oh that’s great about Ahad. Him reappearing was one of the niftiest revelations for me.

  4. For those wondering, the stories are focused on Glee, Ahad/Hado/Beloved, and Nahadoth. With walk-ons by a few other familiar faces.

  5. So, not a question, but just unbridled joy at this announcement. Your work has quickly become some of my most treasured books and I am so excited to read more!

  6. Malon,

    As powerful as he was throughout most of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, sure. But power isn’t everything, for gods.

  7. I was going to say what Lise said, but she beat me to it. Those were the three you had us choose from, yes? So glad to hear that all three will be available soon.

  8. Preordered! That’s a nice cover.

    I notice there’s one prequel. Do the other 2 stories take place after The Awakened Kingdom?

  9. Soorya,

    Not really. Glee’s story takes place between The Broken Kingdoms and The Kingdom of Gods. Hado/Ahad/Beloved’s takes place across and beyond the trilogy, but not quite to the time-point of “The Awakened Kingdom.”

  10. So excited for more explorations of this amazing world you have created. I have greatly enjoyed all of your published work, but perhaps because this was my first introduction to you as an author, I am especially fond of this setting. I hope you never tire of elaborating on the deep and broad foundations laid down so far because I don’t imagine I ever will. Do you have a preferred vendor for the pre-ordering or is it all the same to you? THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WITH US!!

  11. Will this be available in Australia? Saw that the US Amazon site has it for preorder, but when I went to the Aus one, there was nothing there.

  12. I’m just here to squeal like a little girl.

    Can I ask what your favorite story or character has been from this whole series? The Broken Kingdom was my favorite of the three main books.

  13. acp,

    Nope, no preferred vendor. As long as you’re not buying it used or bootlegging it, I benefit. Even checking it out from the library helps me.

  14. Jack,

    I think so? AUS distribution is always a little… complex. But Orbit Books exists there too, and usually my stuff that sells here sells there, so… probably?

  15. Deb,

    Eh, I don’t really have a fave. Each book became my fave while I was writing it, and then I was just glad it was done. But as for favorite characters… probably Sieh. He’s probably the most complex of my characters, and was hard as hell to write, so naturally I love him for the challenge.

  16. I would so love to be able to purchase your ebooks drm-free (like at Smashwords or Weightless Books) but I guess that’s not possible?

  17. q__q,

    Sorry, no. I’m not self-published, so I have to go with the ebook formats that my publisher chooses. Maybe one day Orbit will decide to drop DRM.

  18. I just finished this, and I loved it! Your short works are fantastic! Is there any chance that “Not the End” will be published on its own soon? I bought myself the omnibus after reading the first two from my library. I was sad to see it’s not included, but I’m dying to read it. I can’t get enough!

  19. Edit to the above, I meant to say I just finished the omnibus and Awakened Kingdom. I wish I could have just finished these!

  20. I want to thank you for Glee’s story. I really, really loved Oree Shoth as a character, and wanted very much to know how her daughter came to be close to Itempas. The answer was very satisfying.

    The other stories also worked for me, and “The Wild Boy” was terrifying, but “The Third Why” has my heart.

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