Off to the other side of the planet

Australia, that is, where I’ll be guesting at this year’s Continuum in Melbourne. It’s my first trip Down Under, and I’m kinda giddy about it — though not so much giddy about the 20+ hours of air travel I’ll need to get there. But that’s why I’m heading there a bit early, so that I can recover, play the tourist a little and become vertical again, and say something more than “Blergh” to the people I meet there.

If you’re Melbourne-abouts, drop in and say hi! If you’re closer to my usual side of the planet, though, don’t feel bad — another announcement I haven’t gotten around to making here is that I’ll be one of the Guests of Honor at next year’s Wiscon, so maybe you can make it there.

OK, back to frantically packing, and playing Mass Effect 2 to calm my nerves.

7 thoughts on “Off to the other side of the planet”

  1. It’s a shame-NZ would be fantastic! Especially my home city of Invercargill, the most southern point of the south island.
    Only joking. Nobody comes here :(

  2. Holy crap, another Kiwi??

    And ouch, Kate, that sucks… :( I guess that makes me lucky to live in Auckland. Not everyone comes here but a lot do…

  3. I was so excited to see you name on the Continuum list! (I hope to finish The Killing Moon before then.)

    I definitely recommend the Indigenous Art collection at the National Gallery of Victoria at Fed Square. There is also a small exhibition of Torres Straight Islander linoprints at the gallery space in the Arts Centre (under the spire).

    It is relatively cold here at the moment, although nothing like New York can get.

  4. It’s so great to hear you’re in Oz, and I hope to catch up with you at Continuum – where I now will be spending my long weekend.

    So excited that I’ll finally get to meet you. :)

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