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Sorry for the silence lately; holidays, travel, the usual. Back now and getting into the swing of things again, so here’s a little of what I’ve been up to:

The folks at Open Road Media have created a series of advertisements for Octavia Butler’s novels, which are being released in ebook form at last now that it’s the 25th anniversary of Dawn — not her first novel, but arguably her first hit. (If you haven’t read the Lilith’s Brood books, read them. They’re my favorites of hers.) The first one came out a few months ago, showcasing Butler’s agent, some of her friends, and… er… me:

Recently they’ve released a new video that’s all me. ::wibble::

Considering that they took about an hour’s worth of footage — yeah, that’s my apartment in the background, they came and set up a little studio, it was all kind of weird, but they really liked my blueberry-mint lemonade — I’m amused by how carefully they edited these to trim out my babbling and “um”-ing. They make me sound so smart! I spoke as much about race as about gender, and a lot about the state of science fiction in the aftermath of Butler’s presence, so there might be more of these.

In other news, The Killing Moon is up for a Goodreads Choice Award! It’s got some stiff competition, including books I’ve enjoyed lots, so it’s definitely an honor to be nominated (and reach the semifinals).

And in social networking news, just a quick update: as you know readers, I keep track of most of the reviews I find on my novels over at There are new reviews of the Dreamblood books linked now. And I now have a Pinterest account, if you follow such things. Not much in it yet.

And to end on a lovely note, just saw this piece of fanart from sqbr on DeviantArt, based on the characters from my steampunk short “The Effluent Engine”. Isn’t it so cute and sweet? Go tell sqbr so!

two women in 1800s dresses, one in tophat and other in glasses, sharing a romantic moment


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  1. You are awesome. I am so glad we got to know each other in college so I can just hang along behind you telling people I know someone this awesome.

  2. Exciting! I’ve loved Octavia Butler for ages – first fell upon Lilith’s Brood in college, reread it last year…. Read the Parable books, Kindred… She’s at the top of my list. How qool that you have the honor of being part of the ereleases. (And Delaney? That first video was just fun!)

    I’ve often wondered at how few SF/F/Spec readers don’t know about Butler. I gab about her often; maybe this release will broaden her reach.

    (BTW, I just finished the 100 Thousand Kingdoms… and I wonder, how did I miss you? I read your bit on Scalzi’s page and decided I had to pick up your stuff… Killing Moon is next on my list. Thank you for being you.)

  3. Congratulations on all these glad tidings! You are one of my favourite new authors and I’m so please that you’re getting the recognition you deserve : ) Also, I was browsing Kirkus today and noticed that The Killing Moon is in the Best Fiction of 2012 list!

    ps: I haven’t read anything by Butler yet, but in my defense, I’ve only recently begun exploring non-YA fiction, and she’s definitely near the top of my ‘to read next’ list.

  4. It’s awesome that Open Road is making so much of Ms. Butler’s work available to a new audience. I picked up an electronic copy of the “Xenogenesis” trilogy to go with the SFBC edition that I’ve had for years. Thanks for the heads up.

    The “making of” (and N.K.) fan in me would love to see the whole hour of your video, “um”s and all.

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