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I’ve been remiss — found this one weeks ago, and asked the artist for permission to repost… then forgot to check back and see if she’d given permission. (D’oh.) She did, so here is “Dayfather and Nightlord”:

portrait of Itempas and Nahadoth side by side

Click to biggify, because it’s beautiful and should be viewed in its true size and glory. Of drawing only two of the Three, artist ex-machina says, “I’d have drawn the Grey Lady too, but she wasn’t turning out the way I wanted… more sketches necessary.” I like what she’s got so far. Now go visit ex-m’s site and tell her how awesome she is.

3 thoughts on “More Fanart Awesome”

  1. Really gorgeous. I like the way (in the book already) that Bright Itempas is a brown-skinned and the Lord of Darkness has dead white skin.

    Just finished The Broken Kingdoms and it blew me away.

  2. Funny how we each have competely different ideas of what characters look like.

    The paintings are beautiful but for me Dayfather is a much stockier man and both of them are much older appearing. I guess it has to do with what images we have of what authoritative consists of…

    Can’t wait to see what the Greylady will look like!

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