Wikiwikiwikiwiki (shut up)

Cool points to whoever gets the subject line reference.

Just an FYI — I’ve mentioned this before, but finally got around to posting the Inheritance Trilogy Non-Wiki — that is, the notes I kept while I was working on the trilogy, to try and keep track of which godling had what affinity and where the Toks live and whether it was the Ken or the Min who were famous for their piracy. Why am I posting this? Because I’m not planning to write any more books in this universe — I’m not discounting the possibility of a creative bolt of lightning, but I’m not planning it — and because I figure it could be useful for folks who are contemplating fanworks, etc. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Wikiwikiwikiwiki (shut up)”

  1. Jam on It for real. Just started reading the Non-Wiki, and if there aren’t any (planned) novels with the New Three, then I’ll just have to get my fix for the universe from this.

    Nice. Very nice.

  2. “I figure it could be useful for folks who are contemplating fanworks, etc.”

    You just get cooler and cooler in my eyes every day. *_*

  3. Thanks! Also just letting you know the sample chapter link for the Killing Moon on the sidebar is broken – seems to link to The one on the main page works though

  4. Multi-reply:

    Cool points to Malon! I loved that song as a kid.

    Celine, I’ve been pretty open about being pro-fanworks. I can’t look at the fanfiction, but I love the idea that people might write it. And I can look at everything else, so fanwork away!

    Natasha, fixed it. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Serena, enjoy. :)

  5. Timeline question!

    So Tempa spends ten years with Shahar, and then she turns around and kills Shinda pretty fast? When does the snippet you posted of Shinda in the Gods’ Realm fit into this (if it’s not non-canon)?

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