Belated — I got a request for this while at WFC, since we had the menu and ingredients available at the party but no one had pen/paper handy to jot them down. These were the drinks created and served by the incomparable Michael S (the guy behind the makeshift “bar”):

Peanut Butter & Jelly: Cachaca, Castries Peanut Creme, Welch’s Grape Juice
Rummy Bear: White rum, blue Curacao, lemon juice, simple syrup, with gummy bear garnish
Lollypop: Gin, Framboise, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup
S’More: Pinnacle whipped-cream flavoured vodka, creme de cacao

Some notes: Frangelico can substitute for Castries. Other notes, from Michael:

Brand recommendations: I don’t have a preferred cachaca; the one in my drinks cupboard is Pitu. I’ve already described the nut-liqueur thing. Any white rum will do, same for the curacao. Just make sure it’s blue (and do not buy Hypnotiq, which while it’s blue is quite narsty). My favourite gin is Plymouth; if you can find Old Tom that would be really cool. There’s an Italian wild-strawberry liqueur called Fragoli that, if you can find it, would be a fine replacement for the framboise. If you can’t find the Pinnacle whipped-cream vodka, buy any vanilla flavoured vodka instead. And finally, I tend to use the clear creme de cacao, but if you want a chocolatey-looking S’More, then feel free to buy a coloured chocolate liqueur.

So now you can have your own twisted childhood-themed party!

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  1. The Rummy Bear was nummy. And Michael soaked the gummies in something before adding them to the drink; I’ll try to find out what.

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