8 thoughts on “TENFECTA”

  1. congrats! it must be a crazy feeling. your book deserves it though, it’s very special.

  2. Wow. Congratulations! Mind, I’m waiting to see what The Broken Kingdoms pulls in, because to my mind it’s even better than 100K.

  3. MJJ,

    Alas, since THE BROKEN KINGDOMS came out in the same year, it would’ve effectively competed against THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS. So awhile back I asked folks that if they were planning to rec me for awards, please rec the first book. Still, TBK did win the Romantic Times award all on its lonesome, so it’s no sloppy second. :)

  4. Kate,

    Hocrap, I took a year of Latin in college, let me think. Decifecta? Decimufecta? Denifecta?

    I think I’ll just stick with “tenfecta”. :)

  5. AmyCat =^.^= (Book Universe)

    Well, I just finished it earlier today (I’d read enough of it by late last night to put it #1 on my HUGO ballot) and was blown away. Given that I’d kept selling out copies every convention since it came out, and was getting rave reviews and “can’t-wait-for-Book-2″s from my customers, I’m not surprised.

    Given the content, I think it’s a better “fit” for the World Fantasy Award than for the HUGO (more “fantasy” than “science fiction”). Good luck with ’em!

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