More Melding!

Got asked to participate in an SF Signal Mind Meld again: what are the books that I reread again and again? Admitted some I’m a little ashamed of, since they date from my teen years, but hey — every writer’s got a few literary skeletons in her closet. And there are a few that I still admire and love. Go see!

2 thoughts on “More Melding!”

  1. Oh, I love the Xenogenesis books, too! I love the reason the aliens decided to save humanity and the concept of the ooloi. And all the other interesting stuff going on in there about what it means to be human.

    And I am a HUGE Lynn Flewelling fan–I was especially impressed with what she managed to pull off in Shadows Return. I just read Glimpses last weekend and am planning a reread of all the Nightrunner books soon.

  2. Henh. You can tell which sex the respondent is by looking at the book covers alone. More than one female writer = female. One female writer (Butler or Leguin always) = male. Lots and lots of (cough) Dick = male.

    But who is Anna Tambour and why does she own my parents’ library? My parents who were born a hundred years ago???

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