An update for those of you who like your epic fantasies like you like your significant others — er… hmm. I’m not sure I can continue that analogy and avoid an X-rating. Uh… um… Just finish that one off yourselves.

Anyway, the Science Fiction Book Club’s versions of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms are now available. And their versions are hardcover. So for all of you who’ve been complaining to me that it’s not hardcover, why isn’t it hardcover, how can it be epic fantasy if it’s not hardcover and you can brain a dragon with it… well, now’s your chance. :) I’m told that the SFBC versions are known for their high quality, so I’m looking forward to getting my own copies.

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  1. OK – so I have a couple of bones to pick with you about the series….

    KEY POINTS: **1rst book to good to put down even for rehydration = very bad for study time, and at least it wasn’t as long war and peace or this message or that would be manslaughter/negligence. You don’t want to kill readers… right??!!

    ****2nd. Itempas is wonderful. I want him to have his happy ever after. haven’t read the 2nd book, but you have shown disturbing signs that you intend to keep Itempas from his happy ending at the end of bk.2 or punish him more/ not redeem him
    Please excuse any types – rush commenting – must finish HW now. THANKS

    First, it’s the beginning of the semester – I am generally disorganized so I don’t have time to read. But – I’d borrowed this book from a friend b/c it had a pretty cover and I intended to just skim and then return it. But it was very good so I decide to actually read it.
    The problem was that I was thirsty and my water bottle was across (so on Thursday, wonderful snow day when I should have been doing laundry or studying) I got stuck reading YOUR book. Despite my thirst.. And later hunger – because getting up to get my smart water would mean I have to put the book down and get less of my lovely Naha… and… Well- – I really Like SKY.

    Next – is sort of a preemptive fight… I read the blog spoiler you wrote about Itempas… and when I bought Broken kingdoms (with my TEXTBOOK $$ for shame!!) yesterday the first thing I did was skip randomly to discover if Itempas found love… I got to the part about Oree saying why is Itempas sleeping and then stopped.

    The problem is that you say you want to make sure that Itempas is a bad guy… and I can already tell you I like Itempas. Naha is lovely but rather loony, but even in the first book I liked Itempas – I thought he was wrong to be so inflexible, but order is important.. Especially when you’re all powerful (or so I would imagine). And reading about how he keeps hurting himself, well it just tugged on heart strings, and I want you to know that I will be very disappointed if Itempas does not get his happy ending (and I don’t mean some tacky happy ending like in shrek where the princess turns into a troll – a TROLL!!! that was awful – no one wants to be a troll). I love strong but tortured characters, regardless of whether or not they are a little bit, or a lot evil.. And mostly I respect this character for his consistency….

  2. An update for those of you who like your epic fantasies like you like your significant others — er… hmm.

    Possessing a spine that won’t crack under pressure? :-)

  3. @ berry cabal: I don’t think you need to worry about Itempas not getting his happy ending. Read The Broken Kingdoms, then read the character study again. He’s not supposed to be the bad guy, he just has issues that lead him to act like a jerk. Now, Scimina is supposed to be a bad guy, which is why she had so little depth.

    In order to get his happy ending, Itempas needs to deal with his issues. Because he’s a god, and a god principally opposed to change at that, he needs more than one mortal lifetime to do it.

  4. don’t I have to join the club to get the hardcover??? darn it. Am cutting back on ‘clubs’.. I tend to spend way too much $$ that way :D

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