A Pronunciation Guide for The Broken Kingdoms

As a commenter reminded me in the other pronunciation post, there are quite a few new names in The Broken Kingdoms, so I should do a list for this book too. Again, I don’t really care how these names are pronounced; they’re fictional characters, not real people who can get upset about it. But for those who really want to know, here goes.

Oree Shoth: OH-ree SHOTH
Easha, Wesha: EE-sha, WEE-sha
Vuroy: voo-ROY
Ohn: OH-hin (the “i” is very soft and brief)
Role: ROH-luh
Maro/Maroneh: MAH-roh/mah-ROH-nay
Nimaro: NEE-mah-roh
Rimarn Dih: rih-MAH-rin (again, a brief “i” in that last syllable) DEE
Eo: AY-oh
Nemmer: NEH-mer
Paitya: PAH-eet-yah
Kitr: KEE-ter (again, a brief “e” in the last syllable)
Ginij: gih-NEEJ
Eru: EH-roo
Nypri: NAI (like “eye”) -pree
Y’li Arameri (from the appendices): YEE-LEE ar-uh-MEH-ree
Nemue Sarfith Enulai (from the appendices): NEM-oo-ay sahr-FITH EHN-oo-lai (like “eye”)
Serymn: SER-uh-min (very brief “u” and “i” sounds)

Madding, Lil, Jont, and Hado are pretty much pronounced how they look.

I forget anybody? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “A Pronunciation Guide for The Broken Kingdoms”

  1. Only one comment: I LOVE YOUR WORK! Picked this up on a whim and am now hooked. The best part was reading your bio, and seeing how different but alike we are. Thank you and continue your great work.

    Angry Old White Guy

  2. First, I would like to say that I was excited to find another black fantasy writer. As a lover of all kinds of fiction, particularly, fantasy, science fiction, horror, alternative fiction, apocalyptic fiction, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms trilogy is a treat. I finished The Hundreds Kingdoms, and am halfway through Broken Kingdoms. Although I am enjoying them both, it is sometimes a little difficult to navigate gods/godlings heirarchy and the gods vs godlings vs human agenda. For me, trying to get all of that straight in my mind, takes a little away from my enjoyment of the story. However, your story is interesting and I am looking forward to finishing it.

  3. i just read broken kingdoms and i love it especially the relationship between yeine and nahadoth but i was wondering if you could please put up pronunciation for Serymn thanks

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