3 thoughts on “Mass Market, here we come!”

  1. I just finished your book, literally this morning on the train as I was coming into work (and on the kindle no less! yes, i’m still getting used to it). I think you would have made Octavia Butler proud, and I enjoyed your style of flow and (whether intentional or not) the lack of flow and brokenness of your storytelling. Looking forward to the release of your next one in line and hope it won’t be much longer as I have the memory of an ant and if I had to re-read the first on to catch up I’d be very upset with myself :). Thank you and keep ’em coming! (I think you also inspired me to start writing again, I just looked at my blog for the first time in 15 months)

  2. Sadly I find that I cannot buy the ebook in the United Kingdom. Would you have a word with Orbit and get them to release it PLEEEASE?

  3. omemiserum,

    I’m not sure I understand; the eBook has been available in the UK for awhile — Kindle, anyway. Are you asking about a different format?

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