Sample Chapter 3 posted!

A bit early, because I realized just recently that the release date for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is actually February 3rd. What that means is that even though it’s not officially out until its pub date of February 25th, many retailers will actually start to shelve it anytime between those two dates. So posting chapter 3 early means I get to torment people longer with the book’s unavailability. Mwahaha!

Also, today is my mom’s birthday, so I’m feeling celebratory. Enjoy! Chapter 3 is here.

1 thought on “Sample Chapter 3 posted!”

  1. Woah, I can’t believe how rapidly the release is upon us! I know it must seem like forever to you–and I’m sure it’ll seem like forever once I read the third chapter, and get even more enthralled in the story. Thank you for posting the teasers…and happy birthday to your mom!

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