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Next week, like several hundred other fantasy authors, agents, editors, and the like, I’ll be in San Jose at WFC. (That’s “World Fantasy Con,” not “World Fighting Championships.” Though it would be interesting to see a bunch of fantasy writers in a cage fighting match, wouldn’t it…? I got dibs on Ursula Le Guin, man.*)

WFC is a professionals’ con, as the price tag makes clear, but also because it’s got a more focused, serious attitude than most of the cons in SF/Fdom. Which is actually fine by me; I like having serious convos about the stuff I do for a living. I went to the WFC in Calgary last year and loved it, although I was repeatedly mistaken for other black writers (Nalo Hopkinson — who wasn’t even there — most prominently). But I got to meet some supercool pro authors, and hear readings of some fantastic forthcoming stuff, so I was eager to go this year too. This year I’ll be doing one of those readings (probably on Saturday at 3, although the schedule isn’t quite final yet), so if you’ll be there, please come listen!

However, I won’t be participating in the mass signing session, because I still have nothing to sign. (Book 1 doesn’t come out ’til February, remember.) Most likely I’ll do what I did last year and fangirl-attack my favorite authors, demanding squeeage and photos.

But I am starting to feel a little more “official” as an author, because reviews of 100K based on the ARCs I’ve cleverly seeded throughout the blogosphere are starting to come in, and that makes me very, very happy. There have actually been quite a few reviews so far, but the two most recent are done by Color Online and Oyceter, who routinely reviews books at her blog “Sakura of DOOM”. Check ’em out!

* (WTH am I thinking? Le Guin would kick my butt, because I would just stand there in awe and fangirl at her.)

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