I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now, bouncing in virtual little-girl excitement, struggling to hold it all in. But now at last, at last I can share the joy!!

The official cover!!

Like it? Then bop over to the Orbit blog to tell Art Director Lauren Panepinto that she is the shit. Except don’t use shit. OK you can use it but don’t tell her I told you to.


20 thoughts on “MY COVER LET ME SHOW YOU IT”

  1. That is GORGEOUS! Congratulations. Having a great cover is like the awesomest cherry on top. *___*

  2. I SO want to buy it! What a fabulous cover! You must be jumping around in glee! Can’t wait till it’s out!

  3. Wow, that is hot. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I will definitely go over to her site and leave a compliment. :) Congratulations on the book.

  4. Looks amazing!! And intriguing in a slightly creepy way, which is also good.

    (I am also pleased to see that a book that is part of a series is actually being promoted as such, as I have been burnt by a bunch of stealth trilogies in the past and apparently this is a deliberate marketing ploy, arrgh, but this is more my own issue and I will attempt to move on :) )

  5. Not only does that make me want to read the book even more, it makes me want to see the movie now, too. Amazing cover!

  6. Yeah, I’ve never been able to figure that out, either. I *suspect* it’s that they fear people will skip a book if they see it’s Book 7 of a series, preferring to buy Book 1 (except many bookstores don’t keep older stock on hand, so Book 1 might not be available, and thus the publisher gets *no* money). Thing is, when I buy a book and it turns out to be Book 7, I get *mad* and am unlikely to ever go back and bother finding Book 1 in the first place, because I feel like I got snowjobbed. So Book 7 ends up at the Strand being resold, or given away to the library, and that probably takes even more sales away from the author. -_-

    …which is a convoluted way of saying, “Yeah! I hate that too!”

  7. ::weak laugh:: I think I’d love to see a movie based on this book… but not a typical Hollywood production. Because then they’d just turn the protagonist white and have her played by Some Hot Teen Actress who thinks “gravitas” is an ice cream flavor. And instead of depicting Nahadoth’s constantly-changing faces, they’d just hire Hugh Jackman and style his hair differently. And the plot wouldn’t be about political intrigue, it would be about GODS!!!! BLOWING UP SHIT!!!1!! which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but… well, yes, it’s a bad thing.

    …I think I’m going to have nightmares now. =)

  8. *shudders* Yes, it would definitely have to be a well done movie. Much more Pan’s Labyrinth (slightly unfair, since it’s not based on a novel, but still) as opposed to Eragon, in which basically everything remotely resembling character development was carefully extracted before placing it on the big screen. Substitute Dune for Eragon, if you prefer; I just couldn’t use it as my primary example because I’ve read the book but not seen just how bad the movie really is, only heard some of the horror stories.

    You’ve got to admit, though, that your cover would make a much better movie poster than most of the ones you see on theater walls. That’s what really struck me.

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